Who is BEBA?



Dancer, dance teacher and choreographer.
Corporate marketing
Creator of the Balla & Brucia®️ discipline
Bilingual Spanish / Italian / English

Yellinek Silvera Ramos (aka Beba) was born in Caracas (Venezuela) on 11 August 1979.
She starts dancing with 4 years. Her love for dance has led her to travel all over the world, knowing and studying over 70 different dance styles, and working as a choreographer. She is always very sporty, she does competitive swimming and several combat sports at the same time, including Kick Boxing and Boxing

In 2011 she created the Balla & Brucia®️ discipline and registered her trademark. To date, the brand is rapidly expanding throughout the Italian territory and in Europe and America.

Beba continues to study moving throughout Italy and Europe to stay up to date in the world of dance and Fitness.

In the period of the pandemic she goes viral with her live dance and fitness on social media, so she reaches 1,000,000 followers in a few months and becomes an influencer
About her She specializes in the safe and responsible loss of body weight with her most popular product “THE CHALLENGE” also in the care of her body with beauty products developed by her